Sarah Hurwitz

Follow the artistic adventures of Sarah Hurwitz.

When I thought about living in a desert city the first thing that came to mind was driving in a car with no AC in the summer. Secondly, I began to think about how detached from the desertness of Phoenix I normally feel. The Desert in my mind is this “far away” place that boys go to shoot guns at abandoned mattresses. I began collecting photos of abandoned mattresses I saw, out in the mountains and in on the streets. I began to draw those mattresses and place them in ornate girly frames to celebrate a piece of trash as ubiquitous as a mattress being preserved in the arid desert heat. 

I combined those with photos of friends with guns, messing around while shooting cans and doll heads out on the range.  Knowing these pieces were going to Israel, I really liked the comparison of people with guns in America vs people with guns in Israel. I cut the figures out of plywood to further symbolize their detachment from location, Arizona Desert, or Israeli desert.